Legends of Beach

Legends of Beach is a musical experience you will not want to miss, that is, of course, if you like Beach Music. That’s because some of the group’s members are, in large part, responsible for the sound and appeal Beach Music has today all over the world. It’s all about having a good time and remembering the good old days as well as the recent days at the beach. The term “Beach Music”, a common phrase all over the Southeastern United States, was not the everyday terminology back when LOB keyboardist/vocalist/producer, Johnny Barker wrote the classic hit, “Summertime’s Callin’ Me” in 1975. You know that song as a standard as well as the Beach Music Anthem, “I Love Beach Music” written and sung by LOB lead vocalist and Embers’ co-founder, Jackie Gore. Rounding out this group on the bottom end is bassist/vocalist, Gerald Davis, also known for his work in the 60s & 70s in Southern California with Al Wilson, Sammy Hagar, and Marvin Gaye. Thankfully Gerald moved back home to the Carolinas in the mid 70s and joined The Embers where he and Barker, who joined The Embers in 1980, produced numerous albums, such as: “This One’s For You”, “I Love Beach Music”, “Colours”, and many others, not to mention numerous national Budweiser commercials. Remember “I Love Budweiser”? Yep, that one. Other talented members of this musical family include vocalist - Terri Gore, guitarist/vocalist - Pat Carpenter, trumpet - Ben Shaw, sax and vocals - Eddie Blair, drums - Tony Davis (alias Ernest T Bass), and sound engineer (he’s why it sounds so good and is not too loud) Steve Davis.

If you want to hear Beach Music like it’s supposed to sound, don’t miss Legends of Beach. They will be performing at a festival or special event near you soon. Check out the website’s ever changing Calendar for dates as well as the guest book and photos. LOB is also in much demand for weddings and private parties. This is where you can really see the group’s versatility with the variety of songs they know and perform so well. And there’s more! LOB has a full time deejay at all venues to keep the music pumping during intermissions with any request. If you have a festival, party, wedding or any occasion where you want the best in Beach Music Entertainment… contact Gerald Davis on this website for Legends of Beach bookings. Better hurry, dates are often booked a year ahead.

It’s all good…It’s all fun!

To view Legends of Beach in concert with the NC Symphony click on

Also check out a recent
Legends of Beach performance at Party in the Park in Roanoke Va by clicking on the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.


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